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Dog Grooming Tools

Recommended Supplies For Your New Fur Baby

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CRATE: We use Midwest xl crate.  No need to start with a small crate as they will grow fast and are used to the XL crate and we have never had one soil the inside.  When older we still find most prefer a bare crate as they like a nice cool surface to lay on.

VEEHOO RAISED BED: Veehoo beds are great for providing a cool surface which bernedoodles love, and takes the weight off of their joints as well while providing airflow all the way around their body.

SLICKER BRUSH: Extra-long pin brush that penetrates deep into the coat. 

DEMATTING COMB: Easily removes mats while protecting your furry friends skin.  


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WHITENING SHAMPOO: Lillian Ruff makes your fur baby's white fur bright and shiny again. 

SNUGGLE PUPPY: This is a great tool during the crate adjustment period as it provides some artificial companionship and various noises to help soothe the puppy.

PURINA PRO PLAN PUPPY LAMB & RICE: We currently feed Purina Pro Plan LAMB & Rice puppy formula. We tend to stay away from foods that contain chicken as the main ingredient as a lot of dogs are allergic to chicken. The feeding chart for Purina food is attached below to help you determine ratio guidelines. This chart is also on the back of each bag of food. Also depending on calories burnt your puppy may eat more than the recommended amount- use your best judgment as you really cant over feed a puppy. 

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