Master Reservation List 

We will have approximately 4 litters of STANDARD size Bernedoodles on an annual basis that will be available to our master reservation list for puppy selection. Once you have been approved and placed a deposit, you will be placed onto the mater reservation list (below) in the order deposits are received. Once it is your pick, you can choose an available puppy OR decide to skip your turn for that litter and wait for a subsequent litter, at which time you should have a higher pick with each subsequent litter. Deposit holders will begin to pick their fur babies when they reach 3-4 weeks old and personalities start to develop. Each deposit holder will have a 1 hour window to make a decision. 

1. Dana G. 

2. Jeff K. 

3. Sadie S. 

4. Marti M. 

5. Becky K. 

6. Naya S.  

7. Nikki P. 

8. Kim M. 

9. Margo J.

10. Dawn P.

11. Tyler T. 

12. Crosby J.